The Nawaya Collection on Duha

Salam, brothers!

Recently we’ve just launched our second collection called NAWAYA // Intention. There are variations of muslimwear that is suitable for either casual activities or even semi-formal occasions: robe, medium & long gamis, shirt, pull-over, and pants to complete your look.

NAWAYA collection by Duha is a series of comfortable daily wear intended to complement the progressive, open-minded, and creative muslims in their attempt to maintain their pure intention into their deeds.

Seen above is the Farabi Maroon Blue Stripes Long Gamis. Did you know? The name came from Al-Farabi, a renowned philosopher and jurist who wrote in the fields of political philosophy, metaphysics, ethics and logic. He was also a scientist, cosmologist, mathematician and music scholar.

The next ones are the Khaldun Stripes Pull-Over seriesMade of cotton with casual-vibrant striped colors, Khaldun is best worn for your casual, dynamic activity daily. FYI, Khaldun was the first major Islamic thinker who emphasized empirical thought over normative theory.

Below here is a pair of Arabi Robe and Ghazzali Pants!

Both are our signature pieces, perfectly made to be mixed and matched with any other pieces to suit the occations: casual, semi-formal, even formal activity.

Arabi itself came from the name Ibn Arabia, who was perhaps the first postmodern and feminist thinker in human intellectual heritage. Ibn Arabi provides the most compelling explanation of the purpose and meaning of creation as a continuous self-disclosure (Tajalli) of god.

Ghazzali came from Al-Ghazzali, who was the paragon of the Mujaddid, a reviver of Islam. He, The Revival of Religious Sciences embarks on a massive endeavor to find a golden mean between all these diverging trends: philosophers and theologians, rasionalists and traditionalists, also the Mystical and the orthodox.

And here is the Rushd Cream Shirt! 

Rushd name came from Ibn Rushd, known in the West as Averroes, has probably had a bigger impact on Western religion and philosophy than on Islamic thought  

Enjoy our collection! Look up on our social media to see new updates and subscribe to get exclusive promos.



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