Kahlel Gamis Lengan Panjang Navy

149.000 IDR 229.000 IDR

Kaus Kahlel lengan panjang dilengkapi dengan material linen yang sejuk, buat penampilanmu makin rileks tanpa meninggalkan sentuhan elegan!

Comfortable all season

Breathable fabrics for all day comfort guaranteed! Stylish on the outside and cool on the inside.

Perfect fitting

Our sizing are based on comfort and modesty, so you won’t have to worry whenever you’re wearing them just for hangout or for praying.

Thoughtful design

Each collections are designed through in-dept research, finding meaning into each products is our core believe in how a good product should be. Wearing them not only will make you stylish but hopefully will also give you a better undestanding on our islamic history.